1) My swimming pool was looking absolutely terrible and the floor looked like it had sludge covering it after having a few company’s promises fall through I contacted Swimming pool cleaning services, they came out and assessed the pool and said they would have it back to normal in no time at all and boy they didn’t let me down, our pool was back to perfect condition in no time at all – Thrilled and happy like never before – T Wessels – Delmas

2) I wanted my pool to be cleaned and resurfaced and though this was going to be a mission impossible but I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and the way the staff were so pleasant was an added bonus – will recommend them anytime – Y Stewards – Pretoria gardens

3) My pool had a horrible leak in the bottom of it and I was truly at a loss on how to have it fixed, so I contacted Swimming pool repairs Limpopo and they repaired the leak in no time and even followed it up a couple of days later – Service like no other – S Peters – Western Extension

4) The pool was almost in a state of disrepair and needed to be sorted out fast, we contacted Swimming pool repairs Limpopo and they started working on the pool straight away and kept me in the loop the whole time and explained exactly what needed to be done and what chemicals were being used and there function. My pool was saved in no time – H Barends – Irene