1) Q: When is the best time of year to have your pool repainted?
A: Most of pool repairs that need to be done can be carried out in the winter months as this is when the pool is not in use, however some repairs like leaks and cracks inside the pool will need to be carried out straight away in summer or winter.

2) Q: When do I know if I have used too much chlorine?
A: If your pool water has turned green and you have not had a storm recently this could mean that you have added to much chemical, your best course of action then would be to contact a pool company to test the water and assist you in clearing the water.

3) Q: Is having your pool acid washed a good idea?
A: Yes having your pool acid washed is a good idea as this will help in getting rid of any start of algae from taking hold when you have filled your pool with water.

4) Q: When do I need to have the sand in the filter changed?
A: It is said that your filter sand needs to be changed every three years however this can depend on the amount of dirt and chemicals that get filtered through the sand.

5) Q: Is having a pool installed a big project?
A: Having a pool installed can be a big project for some but can also be a wonderful adventure for the whole family to be a part of and the countdown to when you are able to swim for the first time is well worth wait.